Rules and Regulations

Rules Applying to all Segments of the Race

  1. Competitor must follow in rule.
  2. In case competitors do not follow the rule, competitor will be disqualified by The Organizing Committee.
  3. In case the competitor cannot competition further due to competitor get risk of serious injury or death, the competitor will be disqualified by Medical grounds
  4. Not allow competitor use any drug or stimulants as IOC Doping Control rules.
  5. Not allow competitor break the rule, steal or any action causing chaos otherwise competitor will be qualified by The Organizing Committee.
  6. Triathletes wishing to withdraw during the race. Must notify the director or organizer immediately.
  7. Not allow all instrument of music in this competition.
  8. Not allow Competitor take Microchip of count timing out and must put it on ankle only.

Protest Procedure

Any participant who wishes to lodge a protest regarding any decision of the race administration or the conduct of any other participant(s) must file a written protest with the Race Director within 30 minutes of completing or withdrawing from the race and pay a protest fee of THB 1,000. The protest fee will only be refunded if the participant’s protest has been successful. The race director’s decision is final and once made cannot be appealed.

SWIM RULES 1.7 Kilometers

  1. Please make sure that competitor understand about the route in program guide line
  2. Competitor must wear an official swim cap which it will be provided by the Organizing Committee.
  3. Competitor must affix competition’s number and checking all equipment within 04.30am – 06.30am
  4. The water temperature may be lower than 23 degree Celsius therefore Wet Suite is permitted. Floating Device and Swimming Aid is prohibited i.e. swimming sock, swimming gloves, and buoy.
  5. Allow only Swimming Goggles.
  6. Not allow floating equipment stick on body.
  7. Competitor can stop or ask for helping from the Organizing Committee who will stand by in rest point.
  8. All competitor may have an assistance to collects personal belonging, these assistance may stay in the designated area between the river exit and the entrance of the transition area only. 

Bicycle Race for 53 Kilometers

  1. Competitor must wear safety helmet which it must be guaranteed by ANSI or SNELL only and helmet must not produce from animal fur and steel.
  2. Not allow help other competitor without permit
  3. Not allow guests follow and bring any food or water to competitor
  4. Competitor must fix bicycle by yourself when it has been broken.
  5. Competitor must do follow any sign on route, ground officer and safety guard.
  6. Allow competitor drag bicycle if necessary
  7. The Competitor must bring bicycle in starting point on Saturday 2nd April 2016 at 13.00pm-18.00pm
  8. Not allow all equipment to reduce air resistance.
  9. Competitor must keep distance around 7m in each other.
  10. Competitor must ride bicycle in line and keep left hand side
  11. In case overtaking or safety that competitor will be allowed to ride right hand side,
  12. Not allow competitor disrupt other.
  13. Competitor must affix competitor’s number on body that can see easily and if loss it, competitor will be disqualified.

Run for 12 kilometers

  1. Allow competitor run walk or crawl only.
  2. Competitor must affix competitor’s number on chest only.
  3. Not allow guest and competitor who left competition help other person who still in competitor except competitor help each other in competition.
  4. Competitor must be follow any suggest from ground officer.